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Do you work with marketing or media agencies?

Yes.  As a matter of fact, we love to!  We are very open to establishing new relationships with agencies.  This allows agencies to offer our discounted services as their own, while contracting us for the content their clients need.  We can be as involved with your clients as needed, while only representing your agency, and all projects are kept 100% confidential.  

Do you edit other videographers content shoots?

No, we do not.  Since we like to be involved with the project from start to finish, we will not edit another shooters video content.  We provide a full service from shoot to finish so if you are in need of content, we will be more than happy to assist.  We are even available for travel if needed.

What is the first step in getting started?

We will set up a phone or zoom call with you to get to know you and your product/service.  On this call, we will gather all the details needed for your project, in order to provide you with an accurate rate of how much your project will cost.  Once approved, a 50% deposit is required before the project can start and the remainder upon final delivery.

What if I have a rush order?

A rush order is a project that was needed yesterday.  We will be more than happy to assist you with these projects but a premium will be added to the order.  Please understand we are shooting and editing content daily and it requires time and manpower to pull your order ahead of others.

Why do I need a content for my business?

It's simple, in order for your products and services to be seen by an audience, you need to provide that audience with effective content that sends the right message and steers them towards a purchase.  Without content, no one knows you exist and if no one knows you exist, that means no sales.

What type of projects do you NOT take on?

Our main focus are products and service.  Although we do provide work in personal branding, we consider who we work with very carefully.  Also, we are a photo and video production based company.  Therefore, we do not specialize in graphics design, unless it is part of the initial work we create for you through photo and video..  We do not create logos, websites, flyers, etc. We do not shoot events. (Weddings, Expos, Keynote, Parties)  Lastly, we do not take on documentaries, movies, or music videos as projects. 

Do you travel to further locations, out of state or country?

Yes, we do.  All travel arrangements will be assessed and included into the project rate provided.  Our travel fee starts on any project further than 60 miles from Tampa, FL.

Do you provide Models, Actors, or Voiceovers?

Yes, we can upon request.  We work with a variety of talent and local agencies that can assist us with your needs. Depending on where the project shoot is located and the amount of planning time provided, in most cases we can provide models, actors, and voiceovers.


How do I get our products to you?

You are welcome to drop the products off, meet with someone from our staff to exchange, or mail them to us.  Once received, we will work with your products and can either return them to you once the project is complete or hold them in storage for use on your next project.  Storage option will depend on the size of your product and products can only be held for a maximum of 3 months.

What forms of payments can you receive?

We are open to a variety of payment options.  Paypal, Check, Cash, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, ACH Bank Wire, Apple Pay, and Credit Card (Paypal)

Please note that physical checks will require up to 3 business days to clear before getting started on your project.


Do you trade services or work for exposure?

No, we do not.  If we need your services, we would rather pay you for them.  Also, no matter how many followers you have or  your celebrity status, we kindly decline working for exposure.


Our support team are ready with the answers.

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