Every business has a voice and I want to help you share yours.  I create custom video content from informational, training, green screen, and even music videos.  I have over 15 years of experience in directing, producing and editing vertical content, including Finance, Legal, Health Care, Government, Cybersecurity, and Education.  I have also created content in a variety of languages like, German, British UK, Spanish, and English.  I offer services  in Content ideation, Scripting, Video Capture, Graphics design, Motion Graphics, and Video editing.  From conception to completion, I've got you covered.  Check out a few of the projects I've worked on below!




Have a product or service you need content for?  Check out my product video portfolio!  I've worked with private agencies, retail, B2B, and e-commerce brands to help them get their products and services noticed.  So when it comes to social media content, I'm familiar with what it takes to get the thumb to stop scrolling.